WiSys Demo: See How WiSys Improves Business Processes for Macola

Buy it, Make it, Ship it

See how the WiSys Agility applications improve business processes and create a real-time warehouse and reporting environment for Macola!

This series walks you through warehouse planning, receiving an order, moving materials, filling and shipping an order. You will see how WiSys provides up-to-date information about what is happening within your warehouse. As you begin to move your inventory in real-time, not only can you look at information, but you can actually do Macola transactions right within a grid style format!

How? The WiSys Warehouse Management application runs on a mobile device or handheld scanner that provides real-time recording of Macola transactions at the first touch point within the organization. This allows you to record and track all movements as they are happening, including PO Receiving, Inventory Management, Manufacturing and Shipping!

To learn more about how WiSys can simplify your Warehouse Management in Macola, watch this Buy It, Make It, Ship It video series.

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