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SAP Business One warehouse management tools benefit growing businesses immensely. Not only do they monitor your facility at all levels, but WMS software also improves process and procedural efficiency while optimizing your physical real estate.

In the advent of today’s complex and frequently disrupted supply chain, most business owners are seeking new ways to boost productivity and enhance asset utilization. Automating your facility is one proven approach to improving stock control and accuracy.

Automated solutions provide better throughput and speed because your warehouse associates have real-time mobile access to monitor and control the movement of goods. Once your warehouse is fully-integrated with SAP Business One Inventory Management Software, expect the overall production of your operation to increase considerably.

In this article, we examine a few of the common pitfalls of inventory management and how SAP Business One Inventory Management solutions help overcome them.

Common Challenges in Inventory/Stock Management

There’s hardly a day that goes by when warehousing and wholesale distribution doesn’t present a unique set of challenges. When issues come up, and they’re not well-mitigated, they can cost you time and, of course, money. You have to commit employees to extra hours, and that’s the last thing you’ll want if you’re operating on a thin budget. Aside from degrading your bottom line, it can impact company morale.

Here are a few common obstacles to inventory management:

  • The inability to locate critical goods and materials
  • Items stored in the wrong location or mixed in bins where they don’t belong
  • More stock than available warehouse storage space
  • Critically low or out-of-stock events
  • Poor warehouse procedures
  • Untracked or improperly tracked goods

Fortunately, emergent technology has effectively eased many of the headaches plaguing warehousing and central distribution centers for decades. SAP Business One software solutions improve your operations by providing real-time access to critical data in a single easy-to-manage dashboard, also known as “one glass pane.”

With SAP Business One, your inventory and accounting departments can now monitor stock levels of the entire facility to better predict and establish purchase order budgets. Your customer service and sales teams can similarly access that same real-time information for better service and bigger sales results.

SAP Business One is a comprehensive software solution that offers traceability and insight into every corner of your warehouse and each aspect of your business. The software can analyze your current inventory situation, from how much stock you have as a whole to the precise location of each individual good.

Automating your sales data is possible as well. Automated sales tracking enables you to follow the movement of each product and determine which items are selling the fastest. Monitoring data in this way allows you to make adjustments and slow down purchase orders for materials that aren’t selling as quickly. Hence, SAP Business One is a phenomenal tool for optimizing your physical space.

When you can quickly identify which stock levels, you have the opportunity to liquidate inventory that you don’t need to create more storage for the items that sell faster. When it comes to deciding which units you require, SAP Business One software offers the precise stock management solutions necessary to increase profits through storage optimization. Moreover, knowing exactly what you need and when ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and retention.

SAP Business One’s inventory management systems assist in helping track stock levels by sending updates and alerts anytime a specific item reaches a critical level. You establish which inventory levels put you in the red zone. The system then sends you a recommendation of how many units you should purchase. These figures are based upon an analysis conducted from data accumulated within the software program itself. This level of insight into your facility only enhances control over your inventory, and you considerably reduce the chance of a critically low or out-of-stock event.

Below are just two of the key warehouse optimization and inventory management tools in SAP Business One that WiSys can help your business implement:

Barcode Scanning and Tracking Systems

SAP Business One makes barcode scanning and tracking easier. Even if you operate a high-volume facility with diverse stock, the management system streamlines your inventory tracking practices. You’re less likely to lose inventory which means you can sell more goods and maintain happy customers with increased sales.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

MRP is a feature that allows your procurement and accounting teams to estimate and acquire the necessary products for timely delivery.

More Ways SAP Business One Helps You Manage Stock

The bottom line is that SAP Business One software lets you put your customer’s needs first by making inventory management easier for you and your team. Once you’ve organized a well-laid-out warehouse and sorted inventory management deficiencies, your warehouse will prosper.

SAP Business One offers data collection solutions that track and trace every inventory transaction passing through your facility. This key feature impacts accounting, distributing, financial, customer and vendor transactions. Perhaps the best aspect to it all is that you can find all of this critical data in one place.

If your company aims to expand, the objective should be to simplify processes every step of the way in anticipation of the overall operation becoming more complex. SAP Business One software will help you accomplish this now, before things balloon and get out of hand as your facility grows in proportion.

Here are some additional benefits to implementing SAP Business One Software solutions:

  • Real-time analytics of your warehouse processes
  • Scalable software and upgradable to meet your specific needs
  • Automated re-ordering procedures

Partnering with WiSys

Are you determined to grow your business in the coming years but concerned about issues with the supply chain? If you’d like answers to additional questions you have about how SAP Business One can improve your inventory management, call 770-955-3550 to connect with a WiSys software consultant today.