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The SAP Business One multiple branches feature lets businesses access authorized data across multiple locations in a single database. Companies with more than one subsidiary can now leverage a single company database to enhance their operational management capabilities while simplifying the processes of accounting departments that oversee multiple locations.

SAP Business One’s multi-location function is conveniently centralized across one company database, yet an overview of each subsidiary can be individually analyzed for reporting and accounting purposes. Corporations with multiple subsidiaries command flexible enterprise resource planning, allowing them to meet the same standards set by the parent company.

As business leaders aim to minimize complexity while increasing productivity and sustaining best company practices, SAP Business One’s multiple-branch solution continues to reflect the most attractive option on the market. It gives companies access to a responsive and versatile management system that helps them meet the stringent set of goals established by the parent company.

An agile and affordable subsidiary management solution

SAP Business One stands alone as the most economical choice for swiftly integrating subsidiary operations with your main offices and corporate headquarters. The capacity to accomplish this brings more consistency across your multiple branches, offering better visibility into your entire enterprise since it allows for a quicker response to business opportunities as they emerge.

One of the main benefits of using the SAP Business One multi-branch feature is the ability to create documents for specific locations using specific master data from corresponding warehouses and partner businesses that can be assigned to the appropriate branches. Furthermore, SAP Business One’s Business Partners solution lets you filter information based upon the authorized user and designated location of the data.

Individual branches and subsidiaries can share common data with SAP Business One. They can also jointly access settings like Items, Business Partners, Users, and Document Settings under one company database to eliminate confusion or the prospects of accessing defunct documents or expired company materials that have not been updated. Purchasing documents may also be created from any location based upon sales data from other subsidiaries.

If you want to run reports for specific branches from your company’s main offices, SAP Business One allows you to easily accomplish this. You can compare products across multiple sites, run accounts payable and account receivable reports, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements. Data ownership can be enabled and activated by a subsidiary location as well, and you can delegate which users are authorized to access data across your various branch locations.

SAP Business One optimizes operational efficiency

Subsidiaries running SAP Business One as part of a multi-branch business strategy benefit from improved performance. Meeting corporate standardization requirements and key metrics while maintaining responsiveness and autonomy at the branch is made easier by SAP Business One. The solution brings more clarity to day-to-day operational procedures and keeps them consistent with corporate policies and procedures established by the leadership teams at your headquarters. As a result, you’ll notice productivity improve after simplifying management and standardizing your business practices between your subsidiaries and main offices.

For companies with a global presence, SAP Business One puts you at a considerable advantage for growing profits. When you run SAP Business One, your management teams can respond quicker, and, in addition to better overall standardization, there’s greater transparency across your entire enterprise. Your business will be in a better position to manage international compliance requirements through well-harmonized policies and integrated data management solutions.

SAP Business One supports growth strategy for new markets

SAP Business One helps companies expand their footprint by extending the Enterprise Resource Planning to subsidiaries, thereby reducing response time and the expenditures to deploy growth strategies while keeping the cost to maintain them low. SAP Business One brings both training and labor costs to a minimum. This, in turn, helps business owners realize a maximum return on investment (ROI).

Improve your e-commerce with SAP Business One

The new digital economy is in full effect, and consumers are changing the way they search for products, buy them, and generally do business in a multi-channel environment. Your subsidiaries are critical for meeting the demands of today’s scrupulous and discerning customer. Low-cost, fully integrated SAP Business One solutions help companies leverage data from their subsidiary network for better transparency to drive their growth initiatives.

SAP Business One master data ensures continuity and allows companies to maintain standardized business practices over time. Management teams are better positioned to make projections and implement hypothetical and predictive scenarios that touch on all aspects of their business, from vendors and customers to manufacturing and logistics. Lastly, SAP Business One lets businesses consolidate critical data for advanced reporting that illustrates critical statistical data to enhance decision-making and improve budget analysis.

The digital economy relies on an increasingly connected business environment. As companies find new ways to engage in commerce and meet the diverse needs of the modern global consumer, they must stay prepared to pivot and react quickly. Business headquarters require fast response times, the economy of processes, compliance and standardized consistency to optimize their cost of ownership. The SAP Business One multiple branches feature helps businesses meet these goals through an agile and seamless integration with their main office systems.

Partner with WiSys for your ERP and SAP Business One solutions

An affordable and reliable solution, SAP Business One assures that your essential software needs are met along with easy integration with applications across your entire organization.

SAP Business One is hardly a scaled-down version of the larger SAP suite of products. On the contrary, it was developed to be economical and support the enterprise resource planning of companies while helping them achieve their expansion goals. SAP Business One supplies the control and standardization required to integrate your subsidiaries quickly to establish a robust global platform.

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