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Photo Credit: Ghostbusters

Do you have GHOST inventory that you can’t find?

Are your raw materials and finished goods invisible?

Are things not where they should be?

Are you tired of searching for them?

Have you tried calling the Ghostbusters?

Lucky for you, WiSys has ghost-busting solutions to turn your ghost inventory into a real-time Exact Macola warehouse environment!

Imagine a warehouse where you can find materials quickly. No more looking around for minutes or even hours. Imagine a bin master system that intelligently tells you where to put product away depending on the kind of item it is. And it can even tell you which lot number to use first based on when it was received or produced!

Here is what a few customers have said about our ghost inventory-busting abilities:

camcowarehousemgr“WiSys makes everything in the warehouse a lot more accessible and easier to find in a shorter amount of time. It makes counting your inventory and finding your inventory a lot quicker and easier. Our inventory stays a lot more stable now. We used to have problems with finding our products or losing our products. With WiSys, we don’t have that issue anymore.”

– Camco Chemicals, Assistant Warehouse Manager


camcopowderroom“WiSys has improved our inventory tremendously. We went from a 70% accuracy on our cycle counts to well over 95% and closer to 100% now. It all has to do with the barcode labels on our super sacks and metal totes that we transfer products with. Each one is identified by item number and lot number. It tells what line it goes to and where it is supposed to be staged. That is a big benefit and helps prevent mistakes that were made in the past.”

– Camco Chemicals, Powder Room Manager

chemaidWith WiSys, “we’ve developed a cycle count program, which has reduced our inventory errors. Our percentage over the last 6 months has been 99% accuracy. When we are dealing with planning and manufacturing, that is one of the key aspects to make sure that we have all the requirements on hand that we need so that we can hit our requested production dates with our customers.”

– Chemaid Laboratories, Manager of IT Services