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In addition to reviewing internal reconciliation for your business partners, SAP Business Partner Modules organizes several key pieces of information about your clients, vendors, and sales leads. Business Partner Modules manage critical information such as relevant contacts, addresses, vendor payments, contractual, financial, and logistical information.

When leveraged correctly, Business Partner in SAP Business One helps boost your company sales and increase workplace efficiency on several fronts. A diverse piece of software for manufacturing companies, the Business Partner Module is an optimal solution for cataloging and indexing critical information about your trusted business partners. This process breaks down into three distinct categories:

Customer Data – holds vital information about your existing partners, such as which products and services you sell to them.

Vendor Data – find information about your trusted vendor partners and which products and services you purchase from them in this category

Lead Data – logs essential information about any potential customers who can benefit from your services.

You can access this data through a dropdown bar after you launch the Business Partner Module. Each category enables a structured data flow into the system through a multitude of processes. To automate the master data management in SAP Business One, you simply configure the established values and default settings.

To get the most out of your records, you start by accessing the dropdown list to display the predefined values and defaults. Predefined values organize information about the countries with which you work, your vendors, clients, their payment terms, and more. All the information you access repeatedly appears under predefined values continually appears in master data records since it constitutes necessary information for generating meaningful automated reports.

If the key principle corresponding with the configuration of predefined values and defaults is poorly configured, SAP Business One One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) allows you to quickly render your master data records to save on time. In addition to this, all the contained information is importable from an external source whereby you can organize them to your preferences.

Adding new Business Partner Master information to the system is a regular procedure. This is how you log new customers and vendors into SAP Business One. The two main aspects to carrying the process out are as follows:

  • First, you find the detailed descriptions in the Business Partner Master Data window.
  • Next, you correlate the Master Data in other areas of SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Business Partners and your corporate accounts

Among the advantages to SAP Business One is its ability to differentiate and separate your business accounts from the General Ledger accounts that you use to track your external accounting and the larger picture of all your accounts recorded into the system. While the General Ledger software for manufacturing companies ensures that your accounting data is always accurate and complete, Business Partners maintains concise records about your customer, vendors, and leads.

You use General Ledger accounts for your Chart of Accounts that track revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities. It is beneficial to have your client and sales data separate from the General Ledger while remaining connected to it through your control accounts defined during system initialization because your vendor and customer accounts can vary across several business partners.

Accordingly, your sales and purchasing transactions are always posted to the corresponding control accounts. This lets you access customer and vendor balances along with your overall balances in a single General Ledger account. The software solution allows your sales and accounts teams to determine the balances specific to client and vendor accounts, as well.

Business Partner reporting features

Business Partner reports are found under both the Business Partner and Reporting modules. These reports give you a broad picture of your engagements and interactions with sales prospects and business partners.

Under My Activities, you will encounter all the activities that have been assigned to you by yourself and others. Activities Overview, on the other hand, displays all your activities through SAP Business One. You can view these activities according to their specific business partners in either the Business Partner window or, alternately, the Activity window by selecting Related Activities after you locate the appropriate business partner.

Below is a list of useful Business Partner Module dropdown options to remember:

Inactive customers – Displays clients who you have not recently engaged or those that fail to appear in any of the filter sales documents.

Dunning History Report – Reveals information about dunning letters and their associated invoices for each customer.

Aging – Gives you both a broad overlook and detailed insight into the age of unpaid customer invoices along with the age of unpaid liabilities to vendor partners and the value of these debts.

Internal Reconciliations – Reconciles all transactions internally for Business Partner and General Ledger accounts alike.

Transform your SAP Business One automation with WiSys

SAP Business One Business Partner Modules, if leveraged correctly, will ease all the common headaches associated with managing your client data and sales activities. Business Partner Master Data lets your sales team handle after-sales support more efficiently through simplified access to payment agreements, warranties, and service contracts. Business Partner allows your reps to respond more quickly to all production and support-related calls.

Now, you can easily manage both customer and vendor business partner master data and your lead business in SAP Business One. Are you wondering how to move SAP Business One Business Partner Data between two systems? WiSys helps companies using SAP Business One adapt to the challenges of the new economy by reducing their reaction time while improving customer focus.

To learn more about how you can reach your real-time decision-making goals, increase sales, and improve your bottom line, call WiSys today. Dial 770-955-3530 to see how SAP Business One Business Partner Module helps your team master all of your vital client information and critical sales data.