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In Macola, when an order status is changed to shipped or received, the entire order and all line items are processed immediately as one transaction. By using WiSys, along with Macola, in transit inventory can be managed on a line-by-line basis instead of the entire order.

WiSys In Transit Inventory lets you transfer inventory from one location to another by using a temporary location to store the items while in transit. This temporary location corresponds to the truck, ship, train, etc. that contains the inventory en route. It is assumed that the temporary location is a non-binned location.

How does it work?

WiSys uses the Macola Enter Transit Inventory for order creation. This process uses three locations:

  1. From location – the location where the inventory originates.
  2. Temp location – the location used to store inventory while it is en route, representing the truck, train, or other method used for shipment.
  3. To location – the final destination for the transferred inventory.

To transfer an item, a record must exist for the item at each of the three locations involved in the transfer.

WiSys then uses one of the four inventory statuses that are available in Macola.

  1. Entering a Transit Inventory Transaction with a Pending status.
  2. Changing the status to Approved once the inventory is prepared for shipment.
  3. Changing the status to Shipped once the inventory has been moved to the transfer vehicle (Temp Loc).
  4. Changing the status to Received once the inventory arrives at the To Loc.

Each step must be processed in order – from Approved to Shipped to Received. And, since each order is shipped and received at a line by line level, only the lines processed are transferred in Macola and all lines must be individually processed through each step. Partial Ship, UnShip, Receive and UnReceive for each line item is also allowed.

See it in action!

Our partners at Red Deer Systems demonstrated how to use In Transit Inventory during their recent webinar. You can review this section of the recording below.