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How long has it been since you really trusted your inventory numbers?

Like many companies, in addition to your ERP inventory system, you probably have a “GOBAL” inventory system, too. What is a GOBAL inventory system? It’s when you “GO Back And Look” to see what you really have on hand in the warehouse because you can’t trust your inventory numbers. It’s when a sales order comes in, and you have to “GO Back And Look” to see if you can really fill the order. It’s when your pickers have to “GO Back And Look” around to find the right products to fulfill that order. And worst of all, it’s when the customer calls to complain that you shipped the wrong item, and you have to “GO Back And Look” once again.

What’s The Problem?

Macola Software isn’t the problem. Macola has the right features. It’s just a matter of using those features and using them effectively. Maybe you’ve even tried some of the really robust inventory features in Macola, like Bin Control or Lot Control? They aren’t hard to use, they just take time to keyboard all the extra transactions. Transaction time and timeliness require additional labor and that costs you money.

What’s the Solution?

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) made for Macola can take all the hard work out of managing inventory. By using WMS, your inventory will always be up-to-date in real-time. WMS makes Macola Inventory accurate, truly perpetual and, most important of all, trustworthy.

Check out our new YouTube video series called “Buy it, Make it, Ship it” to see exactly how Warehouse Management Software for Macola can help your business so you can start trusting your inventory again.

Be sure to watch the videos in HD for best viewing.


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