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We recently heard a fun story from a customer that shows just how connected the Exact Macola community really is.

Olympic_Logo1At Exact Macola Evolve, we shared a video that featured our customer Camco Chemicals and showed how they are doing warehouse management right. The video caught the eye of another customer and Macola user, Kristy O’Carz, Vice President of Olympic Forest Products, a pallet management services provider. The video got her attention because of the process, and also, because of the pallets. “I left the session on a mission to find out who was building their pallets because they were great. I needed to make sure we had the supplier in our network,” Kristy told us.

When Kristy got home from Evolve, she discovered that not only was the producer of the pallets one of their suppliers, but Camco was also one of Olympic’s customers. “Those are our pallets. How awesome is that?!” It turns out that Olympic delivers pallets to Camco on behalf of one of their customers.

Watch the Camco video series here: How to do Macola WMS right.

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