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wisys partner enablement programOur Silver Partner Enablement Program is designed to empower WiSys Agility partners to sell and implement Agility Essentials, as well as develop Agility Labels and Desktop View Grids. Partners will be moved to our Silver Partner Program upon satisfactory completion. Support will be provided through our WiSys Partner Enablement Team.

The Silver Partner Enablement Program Curriculum

  • Selling WiSys Agility for SAP Business One
  • Agility Quote Tool
  • Working with WiSys during the Sales Cycle
  • Overview of the WiSys Agility Modules
  • Agility Parameters and Roles
  • Agility Mobile Options
  • How to setup client specific software projects
  • Agility Essentials Desktop View Grids
    • Review what is included with each module
    • How to create and modify layouts
    • SAP menu and right-click menu placement
  • Agility Label Designer
    • Creating and modifying labels
    • Attaching to Document Management
    • Basic Agility Forms Design
  • Agility Essentials Mobile
    • Tablet vs. Mobile
    • Review the forms that are included
  • Agility Inventory Allocations
  • When to engage WiSys Support vs WiSys Partner Enablement
  • Software Installation on the servers
  • WiSys Updater
  • Software Installation on the mobile devices

Are you interesting in joining our new Silver Partner Enablement Program? Contact us to register!