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This video is part of our Solving Problems with WiSys Agility series. In this video we look at using Agility Desktop to manage open sales orders in SAP Business One. We show you how you can use our Sales Order Batch Management grid to easily manage your open sales orders. This grid can be run within SAP Business One or externally.

We look at how Agility Desktop allows you to see:

  • Customer Views
  • Salesperson Views
  • Size of Orders
  • Unapproved Orders
  • Available to Ship
  • Grouping or Batching of Sales Orders
  • Pre-Printing of Labels
  • Sales Order Deliveries
  • Pick and Pack Manager Pick List Management
  • Pick List Visibility

Agility Desktop is a very cost effective tool and a great way to start solving problems you may have managing sales orders in SAP Business One. Contact us to learn more!