Production Order Processing (POP)

The Production Order Processing (POP) module from Macola provides users with a simple and powerful lean process designed to backflush Bill of Material Components and record finished good inventory. WiSys POP takes these very same Macola POP backflush processes to the production floor and allows the users to transact in real-time. Users transfer inventory to staging bins in the production area and then report production as it occurs either from a handheld device or a desktop. The material in the staging bin is then back flushed just as it is in Macola.

Relevant to the Warehouse

Our Production Order Processing module for Macola provides users with a simple and powerful manufacturing process designed to back-flush Bill of Material Components and record finished good material. WiSys POP Execution takes this simple process and makes it relevant to the warehouse by allowing you to identify Bill of Material components as material that should be issued to a POP order instead of simply back-flushed. This is particularly important when your raw materials are serialized or lot controlled because you can ensure that the material picker is specifying the unique serial or lot number at the moment the material is picked and associated with a specific order. Typically, this is done on a mobile data collection device and can also be done at a workstation using WiSys POP Desktop.

Mobile Data Collection

POP production of Finished Goods can also be recorded using a mobile data collection device or on a workstation including reporting production of complete pallets. At the time of production, serial or lot information as well as bin location will also be identified and recorded in Macola. POP production is also the transactional event where you can issue entire pallets easily to an order and report completed pallets of finished goods using WiSys Pallet Management for Macola.

WiSys POP+

The WiSys POP+ solution extends the capabilities of the Macola POP solution and can be used in conjunction with Macola POP for POP Order Creation and Release. WiSys POP+ uses an extended material model, similar to that of Macola’s Shop Floor module. POP+ has added material issue, return and production transactions that are done exclusively in WiSys. This provides customers the flexibility to issue raw materials, including serialized or lot tracked components, in real-time to a production order instead of having to back flush all component items. Inventory components that are issued are consumed as they are used and transferred to a WIP account. Production reporting then considers the exact reporting of the components used with the automatic calculation of variances in both a standard cost and average cost environment.

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