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We hear this a lot.

Question: I’m currently running Progression but plan to upgrade to Macola 10 this year. Should I wait to implement WMS until the EM10 upgrade is complete?

Answer: No, it is not necessary to wait to implement the WiSys Warehouse Management System. Upgrading WiSys WMS from Progression to ES to Macola 10 is a simple, fluid process. You don’t have to delay implementing WiSys WMS just because you plan to upgrade your ERP in the near future. We can implement WMS before or after your Macola upgrade.

So, what is the difference between using WiSys with Progression, ES or Macola 10? There is none! WiSys looks and feels the same between all Macola ERP versions so there is zero impact when you move to a new Macola version – no retraining is needed.

If you need WMS now, add WiSys now!

  • Create a more efficient operation
  • Achieve real-time inventory control
  • Enforce validation
  • Provide traceability
  • Automate customer compliance packaging requirements with documents and labels
  • Own and control your solution using the WiSys Adaptable Framework of tools

WiSys on Macola Progression

WiSys WMS Progression


WiSys on Macola ES

WiSys WMS Macola ES


WiSys on Macola 10

WiSys WMS Exact Macola 10