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A common problem in the warehouse is how to capture and manage serial numbers. Common problems with managing serial numbers include,

  • Writing serial numbers down on paper takes time
  • There is always a chance for transposition errors
  • Data that is written down might not be entered into the system until the next day
  • Printing labels is often a separate process

To solve these issues, we use the Agility Mobile software which is an application for scanning serial numbers. Agility Mobile can be used to capture serial numbers quickly and easily by,

  • PO Receiving on a handheld scanner
  • Capturing serial numbers quickly and accurately
  • Serial numbers are received in real-time
  • Label printing happens instantly

See how WiSys can be used to capture serial numbers quickly and easily. In the video below, we walk you through the process of scanning serial numbers into the system and quickly printing labels.


Warehouse Management Solutions for Macola Software

Ready to get started with a modern Warehouse Management System? WiSys is the preferred warehouse management software for Macola.  WiSys Agility solutions have been designed to achieve efficient Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management and Automated Inventory Management. Contact us to learn more.