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We are often asked how WiSys integrates with the Exact Macola ERP system. We created this tech stack graphic to help explain.

How WiSys Integrates with Macola

How it works is, the Macola applications are the core level and all the data is stored in the Macola database. What we have done at WiSys, is take our framework of Supply Chain Management applications and added those right on top of the Macola database. So there is no difference between doing a transaction in Macola or doing one in the WiSys Warehouse Management System. Whether you do the transaction (moving a pallet of material to manufacturing, shipping an order out, processing an order) at your desktop computer or out on the floor using a mobile device, all of that information is visible inside Macola.

By using WiSys and Macola together, you don’t have to worry about updating inventory in two different places. You have one complete system that is absolutely seamless.