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The latest WiSys Agility update has some exciting new updates and features for WiSys users.

Agility 360: WMS Running Natively on Android Devices

The most substantial changes to Build 569 include all the architectural code changes necessary to run our new Agility 360 product natively on Android devices. Our Agility Mobile WMS solutions have always run in a Terminal Server or Remote Desktop session (RDP). Agility Mobile through an RDP session is still available in release 569.

Our new product, Agility 360, has all the same forms and functionality of Agility Mobile, they just run natively on Android devices. In addition to a new look and feel, Agility 360 does transactions in Macola through web service calls to a server running Internet Information Services (IIS). By running natively on the device, we now have access to features and functionality of the device we could not utilize through an RDP session.

These new features include:

  • Signature Capture
  • Access to the Camera for capturing and storing photos
  • Capturing and storing GEO Location data
  • Text to Voice commands

If you are interested in taking advantage of this new functionality, please contact our support TEAM. We will set up a time to discuss system requirements and a plan for implementing Agility 360.

Agility Label Designer New Features

Agility Label Designer now includes support for the following new features:

Print in Color

We have added the ability to print labels in color.

agility label designer print in color

Conditional Formatting

Expressions have been added to do conditional formatting of the label such as only printing a value when certain criteria are met. In the example below, the bar code is only printed for items that are manufactured.

agility label designer conditional formatting

Data Value

When labels with RFID tags are being used, we now can define and assign a data value to the area of the label where the RFID tag resides. In the label sample below, we are assigning the number to the lower right corner of a 4 x 6 label where the physical RFID tag is on the label.

agility label designer data value

IMPORTANT NOTE: WiSys will be ending support for printing labels designed in NiceLabel effective 12/31/2021. This does not necessarily mean any existing NiceLabels being printed from Agility Mobile or Agility Explorer will stop working. What it does mean is that should they stop working after 12/31/2021 for any reason, the only alternative will be to rewrite the labels in our Label Designer. Please contact support if you would like to arrange for training on Agility Label Designer or would like to engage us in a project to rewrite any existing labels for you. Our Agility Label Designer is included with our Design Tools and does not need to be purchased separately.

Agility Mobile Directed Staging

Agility Mobile Directed Staging is the first phase of a new group of staging forms to come over the next few releases. The Agility Mobile Directed Staging Form sends the user out to pick items on a sales order in bin sequence maximizing their efficiency and speed when picking.

agility movile directed staging

The form is flexible enough that if a user gets to a bin and there is not enough inventory, or if the items does not exist in that bin, the user has the ability to override the bin and pick the item from a different bin or the next bin that contains more of that item.

agility movile directed picking

The form will indicate to the user when all items on the sales order have been fully picked and staged.

agility movile directed staging complete

Subsequent releases of 569 will contain Directed Staging forms for POP and Shop Floor orders as well as the ability to generate a batch with multiple Order Entry, POP, or Shop Floor orders in it. All items for all the orders in the batch can then be picked and staged during one pass in bin sequence through the warehouse.

Agility SDK & Design Tools

Release 569 now supports and utilizes Microsoft .Net Framework Version 4.7.2. Existing projects in Form Studio or Design Studio will automatically be converted to the new Agility SDK objects. Any projects written that utilize our SDK will need to point to the new Agility objects and target .Net Framework 4.7.2+. The Agility SDK maintains backward compatibility with previous versions of the Agility SDK.