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WiSys Agility Do you need to go beyond out-of the-box warehouse management software? Have you reached the practical limits of your Macola ERP solution?

Exact Macola Software as a business system has proven the test of time. Macola’s applications were designed by people that really understood how accounting, distribution and manufacturing needed to work. Macola’s database has an elegant design; it can support simple business requirements as well as companies with complex situations.

But, consider a seemingly simple question: what is the best way to ship my product to my customer? Once you make the product it has to be shipped efficiently and completely to meet promises with the lowest possible cost and highest possible guarantee of arriving intact and on time.

How can Macola help your logistics team answer questions like these?

Today who has the luxury of extra people and time to deal with questions like this? Most companies are in highly competitive industries and need to control costs while increasing customer services. And they are struggling to increase profits to fund growth. So what happens when you add a few new customers, take on new shipment methods, open a new warehouse, hire new people or lose a few good ones? And then you add outside investors telling you your systems needs improvements and fewer bodies to run it. You have to manage new customer requirements and dynamic business challenges on a daily basis! You need to be agile AND efficient in today’s world.

That’s where WiSys and our Agility Framework, as a new toolset for Macola, enter the picture.

Imagine a Macola warehouse environment as simple and as flexible as Excel; moldable to your requirements at a moment’s notice. Agility puts the power to change in your hands by giving you or your favorite consultant the tools to make things happen without any programming required. Keep what’s well proven and build your own Macola work environment today! WiSys gives you the ability to adapt and create applications easily to meet new requirements and overcome challenges quickly.

Today, WiSys real-time warehouse management software is helping companies be the best they can be: driving operational excellence, shipping more products faster, reducing inventory carrying costs, pushing shipment velocity. By using WiSys with Exact Macola, you can be an industry leader. You can move from good to great!

You have the power to change your Macola and make it work how you need it to work!