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solutions to common manufacturing and distribution challengesWiSys has released a new innovation for Macola Software with a new edition of Agility Shop Floor. This new Shop Floor solution integrates with Macola using Agility Explorer for material and labor data collection.

Agility Shop Floor streamlines shop floor reporting tasks and is a must have if your company is using Macola Shop Floor. This solution is easy to use, fast and visual or touch screen oriented, which is what you want on the shop floor.

Agility Shop Floor for Macola Summary

Agility Shop Floor (ASF) is available with Agility Build 568.3 February 2020. ASF supports Macola Progression, ES and Macola 10. The original WiSys Shop Floor Work Center Reporting (SFWCR) is still available. If you own SFWCR then you own ASF as well. ASF is included with a WiSys Named or as a Modular Solution. ASF is licensed as a Named User or as a Seat License in Modular format. ASF as a kiosk on the shop floor requires a WiSys License as a unique workstation name. ASF is not licensed by a Macola manufacturing employee ID number. ASF is a Windows Application and needs a device with MS Windows.

Watch the video below for an overview of the new Agility Shop Floor Solution for Macola

Agility Shop Floor for Macola includes:

  • Scanner or Desktop Applications
  • Agility Shop Floor Console
  • Operational Labor Capture and Reporting
  • Finished Goods Reporting with Label Printing
  • Material Issue, Return
  • Reporting for Scrap, Rejects, Machine Time, Downtime
  • Batch Printing of Shop Packets or Material Pick List
  • Grid Style Variance Reporting
  • Shop Floor Analytics and Graphical Reporting
  • Shop Calendar and Order Rescheduling
  • Applications built with Agility Visual Studio

Agility Shop Floor Console is Your One Stop Shop

agilty shop floor console

Agility Shop Floor Labor Captures Operational Labor Start

  • Simplified User Interface for the Shop
  • Multiple Job Capture and Reporting
  • Use with Keyboard, Scanner or Touchscreen

agility shop floor capture operational labor start

Agility Shop Floor Stop Time Reports Operation Quantity

agility shop floor operation

Agility Shop Floor Stop Time Reports Finished Good Quantity

Agility Shop Floor Stop Time Finished Good

Agility Shop Floor Can Review, Edit and Split Time Between Jobs

Agility Shop Floor Review

Agility Shop Floor Material Issue and Return

agility shop floor material issue return

Agility Shop Floor Optional Reporting

agility shop floor operational reporting

Agility Shop Floor Document Printing

agility shop floor printing

Agility Shop Floor Order Reconciliation – Variance

agility shop floor order reconciliation variance

Agility Shop Floor Analytics

agility shop floor analytics

Agility Shop Floor Calendar and Schedule

agility shop floor calendar

Agility Design Studio

agility design studio

WiSys Warehouse Management System for Macola

WiSys WMS solutions for Macola are purpose-built to automate unique business processes and allow agile business decisions based on real-time data. Contact us to learn more.