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We often hear questions about choosing the right Android device for barcode scanning and warehouse management. For us, it is always a question of using the right tool for the job. WiSys can work on lots of Android devices, but it is important to choose a device that is efficient, productive, and easy to use.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing an Android Device

Choosing the right Android device often comes down to the process of elimination. An “inexpensive” device or tablet may not be realistic in your warehouse environment. Consider the points below before choosing an Android device for your warehouse management.

1. Ruggedized Device

Is a ruggedized device required in your warehouse? You should consider a rugged device if it could be dropped, will be carried around on a forklift, or will be exposed to extreme temperatures. You also might want to consider a device that comes with a warranty. Some devices also come with a strap that makes it easier to hold onto the device. With a cheap device, one drop, and you’re done.

2. Battery and Charging

All devices will need to be charged. A device that is constantly on will not last 8 hours. Some people buy “sleds” to hold the device that come with an extra battery. If your operation works in multiple shifts, you will need to set up charging stations to ensure devices have enough battery life.

3. Keyboard

Do your workers wear gloves? A soft or onscreen keyboard will be difficult to use with gloves.

4. Barcode Scanning

You want to find an effective barcode scanner for your warehouse environment. For example, if your racks are high, you will need a long-range barcode scanner. Tablets, like phones, are not meant for scanning. With a tablet, you will also need a Bluetooth ring finger scanner or a tethered USB scanner.

5. Productivity

Ultimately, you want your Android device to make your team more productive. Whether it is receiving, inventory control, manufacturing, or shipping, think about how your team will use the device throughout the day. How easy is the keyboard to use? Can it be held with one hand or two hands? Can it be mounted to a tow motor? How well does the barcode scanner work?

6. Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is software that allows IT administrators to deploy, secure, monitor, integrate, and manage a variety of devices in the workplace from a central admin console. With mobile security threats on the rise and increased compliance requirements, every business should have a strategy in place to protect the integrity of the company network and the data that it contains. If your company depends on mobile apps to operate, you should look into a mobile device management solution to better protect your assets and manage your devices.

Choosing the Right Android Device for Your Warehouse Management

Ultimately we are here to guide you on best practices when choosing an Android device for your warehouse management. We hope the above points help you think through important questions to ask when choosing a device that will make your employees more productive. Still have questions? Contact us today!