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I started WiSys to bring real-time information to Macola users. I believed this would help businesses be more successful in today’s economy.

After 11 years and 270 active customers, I still love seeing how each one of our customers use WiSys in unique ways. The same tools Bob’s Red Mill uses to make and ship whole grain foods are used by a food bank in Atlanta to manage receiving and distributing millions of pounds of food every month. How neat is that?!

I recently visited the Atlanta Community Food Bank to see first-hand how they use WiSys to manage their supply chain. The food bank uses WiSys in different ways than most of our customers, but the end result is the same – an efficient warehouse with happy customers.

You can read more about my visit to the Atlanta Community Food Bank and how we are helping support what they do for the Atlanta community here – Meet a WiSys Customer: Atlanta Community Food Bank.

I look forward to continuing to develop tools for our customers and work together with you to find solutions for your unique business challenges.