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SAP Business One has been the answer for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are seeking to connect core processes like HR, accounting, and inventory all into one place. It doesn’t matter if you are already utilizing some of the fantastic inventory management applications or software out there. SAP B1 is compatible with a vast number of programs, making it easier for you to empower your employees, optimize your processes, and see more customer satisfaction.

But which inventory management integrations are the best? And how will these integrations help your business? We’re going to answer those questions right now.

Why Do You Need an SAP B1 Integration?

Solutions aren’t always easy to come by, but SAP Business One can help you face any challenge that you and your SMB face. Here’s why an SAP B1 integration is beneficial:


There is always a chance that someone will make a mistake during data entry and calculations. You can gain more accuracy by eliminating the back and forth by automating data entry with SAP Business One. Since the numbers will be more reliable, you will avoid more costly errors.

Seamless Integration

Whether you need help keeping track of inventory, shipping notifications, or are having trouble keeping up with all the orders coming in, there is an integrated solution. SAP Business One makes it easy to integrate with parcel services, eCommerce systems, and inventory management applications. You can even sync a single dashboard to several of your warehouses for faster communication.

Zero Maintenance

Your SAP Business One provider will keep your business systems—including any integrated solutions—up to date and managed.


Accelerate data exchange. Your customers will be happier with the processing and shipment speed of your products.

Faster Data Entry

With automated data entry and documentation, you can liberate employees, save time and money, and prioritize more essential tasks in your business.

Best Inventory Management Integrations for SAP Business One

Let’s have a look at some of the best inventory management programs that integrate effortlessly with SAP Business One. Some of these applications are better for certain industries.

  • Clear Spider a cloud-based inventory, warehouse, and shipping management app that is designed for medium- to large-sized businesses and enterprises, but small businesses can benefit from it as well. Since everything is synced over a cloud, you can get the information anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • NETSTOCK cloud-based management software for SMBs that streamlines planning, procurement, and distribution operations. You can integrate SAP B1 into NETSTOCK to optimize manual processes and save time when placing orders. You can also minimize stock-outs and excess inventory.
  • Asset Infinity cloud-based asset management software that keeps a record of maintenance activities. This is designed for businesses in hospitality, sports, education, and manufacturing.
  • Prodsmart designed for SMBs, this inventory management integration provides real-time shop floor data reporting, machine control, operation management, and more. Prodsmart infuses into SAP B1 well, especially in the employment management part, where you can set up tasks and create teams.
  • BiznusSoft Field Service an IoT-based solution that is ideal for freelancers, SMBs, enterprises, and comes with a full suite of features. This is excellent for monitoring business performance.
  • PowerHouse a powerful warehouse management system that gives you more insight to inventory and the supply chain.

SAP Business One can also be integrated with widely used eCommerce platforms, such as Salesforce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Adobe Commerce Cloud, IBM WebSphere Commerce, APPSeCONNECT, Bizweaver, and more. Using these services and integrating them into SAP Business One enables a customizable data sync. Customer, product, inventory and order data can all be dynamically synced through SAP B1, which will increase productivity within the warehouse.

How SAP Business One Benefits an Integration

SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that streamlines production and inventory management so that businesses see increased efficiency and productivity. This software is all the more powerful because it can be launched on-site or in a cloud, giving you omniscience over the process of a single business or multiple locations.

This insight into the workings of your business can help you fine-tune the machine, so you can reduce any supply shortages and surpluses. This reduces overall inventory costs while enhancing customer service.

Being that SAP Business One integrates with other programs like the ones mentioned above, you can synchronize warehouse management, accounting, sales, production, and finances onto one dashboard. The system automatically records price changes, stock movement, and other functions to eliminate human error. With this real-time data tracking, you get more accurate insights, giving you the opportunity to capitalize on supply and demand.

Data Syncs with SAP B1 Integration

Here are how basic syncs between SAP Business One and other inventory management programs work:

Product Sync

Whenever you add a new product to one program or to your website, that data is also synced into SAP B1. The product description, sales price, and supply are also added. When the information on a specific product is altered—such as supply levels—and recorded in another inventory management program, SAP B1 displays the changes too.

Inventory Sync

Is there out-of-stock products? Delivery delays? Dissatisfied customers? When SAP B1 is integrated into inventory management, you eliminate these circumstances, because you will always receive alerts and detailed reports that include information from other programs, as well. SAP Business One makes inventory management even easier by providing customizable notifications. You never have to worry about being out of stock again.

Order and Order Processing Sync

Since a customer’s details are synced with SAP B1, the ERP will also process the delivery and invoicing. Depending on inventory and order priority, you can use SAP Business One to process the entire order. Once the order has been confirmed in the system, those details are sent to your website and the customer.

SAP B1 also integrates with order processing. Shipping status and tracking numbers are synced for better visibility and performance.

Customer Sync

Though this is more common with an eCommerce integration, you can use SAP B1 to export customer contact and billing information, shipping, and other information straight to your cloud or on-site server. Whenever the customer updates their details, those changes are also automatically cataloged. For example, if one customer has a special voucher or discount, that detail is saved within SAP Business One so you can see it on order details.


SAP Business One has an immaculate dashboard and synchronization capabilities that give your business everything it needs to grow and serve your customers better than ever before. The real-time data syncs ensure you never go out of stock. If you want more efficiency and productivity, consider integrating SAP B1 with popular inventory management options.

Ready to get started with integrating SAP Business One with your favorite management programs? Wisys provides SAP B1 and solutions that make integration seamless. Give us a call at 770-955-3530 for more information.