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We love today’s post from Russ Lesko on the Exact Macola blog. Take a look inside the mind of a Mad Materials Manager and imagine how a complete technology-enabled manufacturing solution could help by combining all essential ERP elements with business process management and automated alerts.

We will wet your whistle below, but read the full post here.

Does this sound like you?

8:00am – You arrive at work.

8:15am – You check your emails. Wisely, you’ve directed all emails coming from the sales and customer service departments to a separate e-mail folder (trash?) because they all say the same thing – they’re asking about the status of a shipment.

8:30am – You start prepping for the daily 9:00am production status meeting. You are hoping that in the next 30 minutes, something will come up that will get you out of that 9:00 meeting.

9:00am – The production status meeting – You wish you had a nickel for every time you heard the word “shortage.” You spend another two hours learning about what you have to place on order and what orders you need to expedite.

10:45am – You’re starting to get excited about a company-wide strategy meeting at 11:00. The CEO is going inform the team of the strategy for the rest of this year.

11:00am – Excitement faded. The CEO says that you’re losing revenue and competitive position because your on-time delivery is terrible. The CEO wants it to be 100%, with product available off the shelf. You wish you hadn’t sat in the front.

Noon – You have a lunch performance review meeting with your supervisor. You hear that inventory turns are much too low and that the company writes off too much excess and obsolete inventory. You wonder if your supervisor was at the CEO’s meeting when he told the team how on-time delivery has to be 100% and available on demand.

1:00pm – The words “wouldn’t it be nice if…” begin to run through your mind. Not to mention the hope that 5:00 would get here quicker.

Wouldn’t it be nice if… Does this sound like you? Keep reading to see if you need a complete manufacturing software solution!