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Do you have a written food safety plan?

Can you track all the finished goods a lot of raw material went into?

If a customer had a food safety complaint, would you be able to quickly locate all the ingredients of that product?

These are the types of questions the FDA will ask.

Food safety and traceability are growing concerns in the food industry. Food manufacturers produce products using materials from many different sources that have the potential to reach millions of consumers across the country. Traceability is necessary to ensure the safety of food and prevent foodborne illness.

There are two main FDA regulations that deal with food traceability – the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 and the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (FSMA).

The Bioterrorism Act includes a “one step forward, one step back” traceability requirement. This means each facility along the food supply chain is required to show where a product is going as well as where it has been.

The FSMA supports and expands the Bioterrorism Act by requiring facilities to establish and implement a food safety system that includes preventive controls and a recall plan.

Achieving Traceability and Food Safety Compliance with WiSys and Macola

The Quinoa Corporation is the parent company of the Ancient Harvest brand of products and are pioneers in the Organic, Gluten Free and Non-GMO industries. Because their products already met Quality Assurance International organic standards, recent FDA traceability requirements were nothing new to the Quinoa Corporation.

“When someone from the FDA shows up for an audit, we can provide every report they need within 15 minutes. Even at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon,” explains Mike Scioli, Vice President of Operations at Quinoa Corporation.

Mike does this by using the WiSys Warehouse Management System integrated with Macola ERP.

“WiSys brings all of our Macola data together and makes it easy to process information, create custom KPIs and have reports ready instantaneously.”

WiSys grid reports like purchase-to-lot, production-to-lot, invoice-to-lot and shipment-to-lot show the lot control information required by the FDA and can be exported to Excel and printed quickly and easily. WiSys provides the data and documentation to back up Quinoa’s good manufacturing practices.

By using WiSys along with Macola, the Quinoa Corporation is also able to:

  • See what inventory is on hand at all locations
  • Organize information by manufacturer and location
  • Drill down to specific lots
  • Find issues and respond quickly
  • See what is sold at each location

Implementing a food safety and traceability program should satisfy government and industry compliance requirements as well as provide you with better visibility and control while minimizing risks to your customers and company.