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Gillman Brothers success storyThe Gilman Brothers Company is a manufacturer and distributor of high end foam board products for the sign, display and picture framing industries. The company recently completed inventory testing for a bank field exam and shared with us that the results were excellent.

“Our auditor randomly selected a sample of high value/quantity items from a live list of inventory quantities, and for each item selected required visual verification of the existence of all inventory quantities. In past years, this part of our field exam has been very tedious, time-consuming, and prone to discrepancies. This year that was not the case. There was not a single discrepancy in the entire test,” explains Gilman Brothers Controller Nick Vasile.

“We were able to walk around the factory floor with a representative from our bank, provide him with a list of pallet IDs and their respective locations and with confidence lead him to every single pallet without exception. Because transactions are now reported live, in a few cases inventory had either been pulled for shipment or new inventory produced after our list had been created. But in both cases, because of the way our workflow is segregated into specific production and shipping BINS, the new transactions were very easy to identify. Our auditor was very impressed with the fact that our inventory is now truly real-time.”

Gilman Brothers did a great job implementing WiSys and did everything they could to make the launch a success. Great job Nick, Nathan, Alex, Todd and the whole warehouse crew!

Download the Gilman Brothers Company story.

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