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In the videos below, Camco Chemicals team members explain how they use WiSys WMS Solutions to streamline and simplify warehouse, inventory and production processes.

Improving Business Processes with WiSys Warehouse Management

Camco’s CEO talks about how his company uses the WiSys Warehouse Management System to improve business processes.

“At Camco, we’re moving a lot of parts and we’re moving them very quickly. Because of that there are a lot of transactions that go on. Every day, the same part is received, the same part goes through manufacturing, the same part comes here to ship out. Every one of those is an opportunity to make a mistake. With WiSys, we are scanning barcodes. We’re not transcribing numbers, we’re not writing them down and all of those mistakes are eliminated and we get it immediately.”

Using WiSys WMS to Locate Inventory in the Warehouse

Camco’s Assistant Warehouse Manager talks about how WiSys WMS simplifies inventory management and makes finding and counting inventory quicker and easier.

“It makes everything in the warehouse a lot more accessible and easier to find in a shorter amount of time. It makes counting your inventory and finding your inventory a lot quicker and easier. Our inventory stays a lot more stable now. We used to have problems with finding our products or losing our products. With WiSys, we don’t have that issue anymore.”

Using the Mobile Handheld Scanners for Real-Time WMS

Camco uses a mobile handheld scanner with WiSys WMS software to collect real-time information in their shipping department, as well as operations.

“There are several things that you cannot do if you are paper-based.” – Michael Leahy, Leahy Consulting President

“We’re using the guns to collect real-time information here in the shipping department but also in operations, where we collect products that we stage for manufacturing the then the production as well.” – Camco CEO

“I’m holding a WiSys scan gun that we use for our inventory, control, speed, accuracy. It helps maintain that we have the right components for the production order that the customer has given us.” – Camco Area Manager

“They don’t have to worry about making mistakes because they are connecting those dots inside their business system as they go.” – Bob Hawk, WiSys

It is our goal to help all our customers develop the same successful business processes.

You can watch the entire Camco success story here.