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One of the most common misconceptions about SAP Business One is that the program is only for larger enterprises. However, SAP Business One was designed to work for any sized business, particularly small to mid-sized enterprises. SAP Business One has unrivaled functionality that can be tailored to businesses in multiple industries as well. If you’re looking to better your supply chain, then you should consider SAP Business One.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is known as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that has been designed for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The system is an affordable option for companies that are just starting out or have a small pool of employees. Every operation within the business gets centralized by the fully customized dashboard, so you can oversee crucial processes more easily.

SAP Business One is a global solution, one that is established in over 170 countries and available in over 40 localizations and 28 languages. Over 70,000 businesses and 1 million users have already turned to SAP Business One for their SMBs and larger enterprises. The ERP also has a 95% retention rate and incredible support.

Reasons Why SMBs Need SAP Business One

Better control and more profitable growth. That is what you can get with SAP Business One. Here are some ways the system can benefit your supply chain—and help your SMB succeed.

1. Proactive Management For Affordable Cost

You get access to enterprise-level software and functions without having to pay the exceptional cost. Moreover, most providers offer packages for varying costs. This will give you peace of mind while you plan ahead of events and make improvements. Those real-time analytics provide in-depth information, so you can forecast for changes as quickly as you can.

2. Share Information For Speedier Supply Chain

SAP Business One allows you to improve information and communication. This enables a swifter supply chain. You can also integrate your data into a single information system. SAP Business One will provide reports over time, and you can share the data between multiple locations. You can also communicate with customers and suppliers of raw materials. Quickly inform customers about their shipments and provide other notifications.

3. SAP Business One Grows With You

As an SMB, you are bound to experience growth, especially as demand for your services or products grows. For that, you will need a solution that grows with you. Unlike other kinds of ERP systems that become redundant or obsolete over the years, SAP Business One will improve over time.

SAP Business One was created using advanced technologies that continue to adapt, and the company is committed to research and development. You will continue to receive updates to the analytics, internet of things (IoT), machine learning, mobile and cloud technologies. These technologies will give your business the ability to adapt more quickly to the evolution of ecommerce and beyond.

4. Flexibility

Every SMB has unique goals and objectives. SAP Business One has multiple functions built within the system. You will be able to configure the system to show what you need when you need it. For example, you can customize the dashboards to display whatever information you need.

SAP Business One can also be deployed on-site or by cloud, and you can get mobile access from any device connected to it. This helps your team stay connected, so you can make better decisions. SAP Business One can also be integrated into other applications, such as CRM, Marketing, eCommerce, and Financial).

What Functions in SAP Business One Are Best For SMBs?

SAP Business One is ideal for SMBs that are packing, shipping, and storing packages regularly. The ERP system provides detailed reports and information that gives you total control of every single process. Or you can automate some of the functions. However you decide to go about it, the supply chain is bolstered.

Here are some functions that benefit the supply chain:

  • Procurement processing. Automate and streamline order purchasing, managing returns, requisition requests, and more.
  • Real-time analytics. SAP Business One is always collecting information in real-time, so you can track, analyze, and strategize faster. Make better decisions about the supply chain and supplement business growth.
  • Financial management. Find purchases, invoicing, and other financial information in one place, thereby eliminating redundant data entry and accelerating the accounting process.
  • Inventory management. Integrate your warehouse management software (WMS) to see inventory levels, product information, and locations of all products within the warehouse.
  • Sales and customer management. Because the entire sales process is visible within SAP Business One, you can manage everything from the initial engagement to after-sales support with ease.
  • Web-based access. SAP Business One can be set up in-house or with cloud then accessed from anywhere via a mobile device.

Looking for an ERP for Your SMB?

SAP Business One is one of the best ERP options out there for small to medium sized businesses. You will get a better handle on your business’s management and benefit the supply chain. Undoubtedly, you still might need some assistance to fine-tune the SAP Business One implementation. WiSys is committed to providing customized solutions and helping our clients exceed their objectives.

If you are looking to get SAP Business One for your SMB, look to the WiSys team. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of SAP Business One and can integrate other applications into the system effortlessly. Want more information about what we do? Give us a call today.