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One of the more frequent error messages WiSys users see on their handheld devices is “Device ID: Invalid” on the Agility Mobile configuration screen. This most often appears when Agility Mobile is initially being installed, or after a device has been sent out for repair and is trying to reconnect to the user’s wireless network.

device id invalid

Fortunately, this is a very easy fix for users. Follow these steps:

1. On the handheld, go to My Device then Click on Applications

2. Find the file WMSettings.xml (it will probably be the last one on the page)

3. Delete WMSettings.xml by tapping and holding on it and then selecting Delete in the pop up or by highlighting the file and tapping on the “X” in the toolbar.

4. Warm boot the device. (Start – Programs – Warm Boot)

5. Wait until the unit reboots and the wireless connects completely before going to the next step.

6. Once the wireless connects, go back into Agility Mobile Configuration.

Agility Mobile Connect

The Device ID at the bottom of the screen should now populate.