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Meet the latest tool from WiSys – Agility Web Explorer (AW). This is our new browser-based technology that takes our popular Agility Explorer grids to the internet and extends the functionality of WiSys, and Macola, to any device with a browser.

WiSys applications are built to do Macola transactions in real-time. This helps our customers capture inventory information and movement at the first touch point in the organization. The first touch point is important because it ensures you are capturing inventory data when you grab it for the first time. This saves you the time of writing things down and keying them into the Macola system later.

So far WiSys applications have run on handheld scanners and desktop PCs. However your first touch point may not be on a PC or scanner. With Agility Web Explorer, we are advancing to a new touch point. Now you can use WiSys to run Macola transactions anywhere.

Who can use it?
All versions of Exact Macola ERP – Progression SQL, ES and Macola 10.

What is it used for?
The presentation of Macola information anywhere you want as well as Macola transaction processing in a browser.

When will it be available?
Expect to be available in the fall of 2016 with WiSys Build 566.

Where will it work?
Any browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Why might you need it?
Allows you to use WiSys on a device other than a desktop PC or handheld scanner.

How does it work?
Built on the WiSys Agility Adaptable Framework and designed to work inside IIS on the web. Agility Web Explorer is added to IIS and uses Windows Authentication for connections with a browser.

Watch the Agility Web Explorer Introduction video below to learn more!

Want to see more? Watch the full Agility Web Explorer webinar!