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WiSys offers a suite of flexible and scalable products which integrate directly to the Macola ERP packages including Macola Progression, Macola ES, and Macola 10.

At WiSys, since 2004, we have re-invented how ERP systems create value for customers. To meet the business challenges of a new economy, companies need to focus on reducing reaction time to maintain customer loyalties and improve supply chain operations, from receiving through production to delivery.

The WiSys Agility suite of products and tools is a single source for Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Intelligence, providing real-time transactions and actionable insights for production, inventory, and fulfillment.

2022 Recent Innovations

  • Agility Shipping Subscription:
    • Direct UPS, SurePost
    • Direct FedEx, Ground Economy (formerly SmartPost)
    • Direct USPS with Endicia Integration
    • Return Label functionality
    • Package Handling Charges by carrier or globally
    • Silent Mode Shipping (no carrier UI)
  • Agility Desktop: MRP+ Module
  • Agility 360: Batch Picking

2023 Planned Innovations

  • Agility Shipping Subscription:
    • International Shipping
      • Integrated with WiSys Document Management
      • Electronic Documents
    • Small Package Rate Shopping
    • Return Label Integration
  • 64-Bit WiSys Applications
  • Agility Explorer: Auto-Packing
  • Agility Explorer: New menu structure
  • Agility 360: Load Pallets w/Pictures
  • Agility 360: One Pass Shipping
  • Agility 360: Handheld Packing Cartons on Pallets

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