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Real-time warehouse management is based on three concepts – recording all business transactions at the first touch point in the organization, better business decisions through business intelligence and using adaptable tools to automate business processes.

Below we explain what each of these mean in more detail. 

1. Recording all business transactions at the first touch point in the organization

Whenever you physically move inventory in your warehouse or production facility you need to record that movement. Whether it is being received, put away, issued to a production order, produced or shipped, the person doing those transactions should be recording them. The ideal way to accomplish this is with handheld scanning equipment and through the use of bins and staging product for manufacturing or shipping. You will not be able to achieve the next concept unless this “building block” is in place. You cannot achieve real-time data analysis without real-time data.

2. Better business decisions through business intelligence

Once you get the first touch point in the organization working for you, your data becomes relevant. Once that happens, you can now make better business decisions. Business intelligence execution is not just about dashboards and pivot grids, but there is also the idea of looking at data and being able to execute on that data. Imagine being able to execute on purchase orders simply by clicking a button.

3. Adaptable tools to automate business processes

Real-time warehouse management looks different for every business, so adaptable tools are necessary to make this possible. WiSys tools are built on a highly adaptable framework called Agility. The two tools used in this framework are Agility Design Studio and Agility Form Studio. Design Studio is primarily used for configuring the applications you see on a desktop – process grids, pivot grids, dashboard tools. Form Studio is used to build forms and modify any existing forms that you see on the mobile handheld device.

Warehouse Management Solutions for Macola and SAP Business One

Ready to get started with a Warehouse Management System? WiSys Agility solutions have been designed to achieve efficient Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management and Business Intelligence. Contact us to learn more.