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traceabilityTraceability is the ability to trace each ingredient of a product through the entire supply chain, from suppliers and manufacturers through assembly and delivery to customers.

Below are three things every food manufacturer should know about traceability.

1. Traceability Will Be an Industry Requirement

Electronic traceability is becoming an industry requirement in food manufacturing. One of the main reasons for this is an increased emphasis on food safety.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) will require all food manufacturers to be able to trace their products throughout the supply chain – from farm to fork. This new law seeks to shift the focus from reacting to foodborne illness to preventing illnesses before they happen.

2. Traceability Helps Food Manufacturers Respond Quickly to a Recall

Recalls happen when you least expect, even to the big guys, and have big implications for your business. Revenue is lost because of recalled and destroyed product, and the long-term damage done to your brand may take years to repair.

Traceability allows action to be taken immediately and effectively in the case of a recall because it provides real-time information about the location of products and ingredients and the ability to associate ingredients with finished product.

3. Traceability Can Be Achieved by all Food Manufacturers

Whether you are a small or large food manufacturer, barcode labeling and scanning can be used to track inventory and products in real-time. These tools provide lot traceability for food manufacturers, which tracks each ingredient of a product through the entire supply chain and allows you to locate products quickly. This saves both time and money in the case of a recall and increases the safety of food.

At WiSys, we use barcodes and mobile scanners for real-time lot tracking and reporting. This provides the tools needed to achieve traceability and comply with food safety regulations by ensuring products can be traced from farm to fork.

Learn more about how WiSys can help your business achieve traceability – Watch a demo!