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Windows_Embedded_8_logo_and_wordmarkQuestion: Is Windows Embedded Compact 7 the same as CE 7?


Windows Embedded Compact was formerly known as Window CE. The name changed after CE 6, so there is no CE 7. Instead there is Windows Embedded Compact 7. This name change does not affect how WiSys software runs and Windows Embedded Compact 7 comes with the same Compact .NET Framework version 3.5 as CE 6.

WiSys supports the following devices / Operating Systems on the mobile handheld device:

  • Symbol MC9190 Operating System: Windows CE 6.0 (no longer supported by Zebra formerly Motorola)
  • Symbol MC92N0 Operating System: Windows Embedded 7.0
  • Symbol MC32N0 Operating System: Windows Embedded 7.0