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On July 23, Pepperidge Farm announced a voluntary recall of four varieties of Goldfish crackers.

In the announcement, the company provided a list of the specific packaging options that were included in the recall along with a chart that showed specific UPC and sell by dates affected.

Our Vice President was on vacation with his family when he heard about the recall and his daughter just happened to be eating Goldfish crackers. Thanks to the detailed information Pepperidge Farm provided, he was able to look up the UPCs, batches, carton size and flavor to see what was recalled and determine that his Goldfish batch was safe.

Pepperidge Farm was able to provide such detail because they use a warehouse management system with lot and batch tracking. This is one of the best ways to minimize the affects of a recall. With lot tracking, food manufacturers are able to track each ingredient of a product through the entire supply chain and locate products quickly. This saves both time and money in the case of a recall and increases the safety of food.

At WiSys, we use barcodes and mobile scanners for real-time lot tracking and reporting. This provides the tools needed to ensure products can be traced from farm to fork.

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