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Macola Bar Coding

This year you may have fewer resources: people, time, money, etc. And yet your business plan calls for growth! How do you get everyone to step up and do everything they did before, and more, to make the growth happen smoothly?

One way is to maximize resources in your Warehouse or Shop Floor through manufacturing automation. Now is a great time to review your business procedures and take steps out of your process by adding automation.

Bar coding is one of the tools we suggest to companies using Macola Software to deliver manufacturing automation. The question is where and how to begin?

Where to begin?

Receiving is a good place to start. When you receive an item it could already be bar coded by your supplier with their item number. If this is true, and you have maintained the Vendor Item Number cross reference table in Macola Purchasing, then as you scan that supplier’s bar code it will interpret your Macola Item Number using WiSys Agility Mobile on a handheld PC.

How to begin printing bar code labels?

The best place to make sure inventory is bar coded is when it comes in the door. Printing your own bar code label is likely the best choice because you can standardize the label size, format and print exactly the information you want on the label. WiSys Label Print Manager aids this process because, at the time of PO Receiving, the Print Manager will automatically print a label(s) as soon as you hit enter on the handheld computer. These labels are actually Crystal Reports, so you can print your PO#, Item# and Description in addition to the (real-time) created Receiver Number.

What’s next?

Are you ready to learn more about manufacturing automation for Macola? The video below shows a demo of our PO Receiving and Bar Code Printing automation solution specifically. For more information or to schedule an in-depth demo, please contact us directly!