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High-quality training is crucial to any successful warehouse management system (WMS) implementation. You might have sourced and customized the best WMS solution the world can offer, but without a well-informed set of operators, you can’t expect results. Your staff needs to possess the necessary skills and knowledge base before you can optimize your warehouse management software.

Absent a reliable training program, find workplace safety compromised at your site because employees lack the appropriate tools and information to succeed at their daily tasks. In this article, we discuss the importance of WMS software training, offer a few suggestions for implementing your training initiative, and illustrate how WiSys can help effectuate a meaningful WMS training process for your organization.


What goes into a thorough WMS training program?

Above all, proper WMS training depends on instilling an understanding in your employees that runs deeper than just the basic use of your WMS hardware and software. Every WMS user should know how to use the software in a way that optimizes efficiency and safety at your warehouse. Missing critical steps or glossing on essential information during training almost always translates to poor operator performance. When user errors increase, this ultimately disrupts the flow of your fragile supply chain.

Many warehouse owners and operations managers choose to abbreviate WMS training because of the immediate-term costs. Investing the time and resources to get your staff up to speed is undeniably expensive in the short run. But you invariably sacrifice long-term productivity by cutting corners during the training stage. Software functionality determines the complexity and duration of your WMS training initiative. In other terms, the more your WMS solution can do, the longer the employee onboarding process becomes.

Likewise, the scope of your training program depends on the size of your organization. Consider the experience levels of your staff, as well. How many new hires are you training? Do your existing team members have previous experience with warehouse management systems? How will you conduct your training? Are you administering it solely online, in person, or through virtual training sessions? One of the benefits of in-person training is that it allows your trainees to draw from the experience of your more seasoned staff. However, on-site sessions may not be plausible if you run a multinational organization with several warehouses.

Irrespective of how you deliver your training, it should be hands-on and introduce all users to the mission-critical modules, teaching them how to leverage every available tool to optimize their warehouse duties. Area managers typically undergo the training sessions first before passing the necessary knowledge down to their own teams. If you follow this superuser model, it’s assured to eliminate confusion and have more impact than training all your employees at once.


How to implement your WMS training program

Introducing a warehouse management system to an already complicated supply chain is no easy task. If you don’t establish the right procedures and identify the necessary tools at the forefront, you’re setting yourself up for an unsuccessful WMS implementation. At the same time, the training process doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complicated. Here are a few suggestions to consider as you develop your WMS software training program:

  • Don’t rush the process. If you pace the training well, your employees will respond by producing better results.
  • Don’t leave planning to your business departments alone. Your IT team plays a significant role in implementing your new warehouse management software. Ensure they’re involved with the process straight away.
  • Finish your training in stages. Start with a general introduction to the system and work down from that foundational knowledge of the software.
  • By the end of the training, inform your staff of available support beyond the initial phases. Build ongoing training and support should be implemented into your processes.


Agility WMS training

WiSys provides customers with an adaptable and scalable out-of-the-box solution for warehouses that run SAP Business One ERP systems called Agility WMS. We engineered this system to make the movement and storage of goods more efficient while enhancing your ability to track and trace materials through RFID and barcode scanning.

The Agility WMS offers multiple suites to handle:

  • Inventory transactions
  • Packing
  • Cycle counting
  • Printing services
  • Picking and directed picking
  • Sales order delivery
  • Production issue, return, and receipt
  • Purchase orders and put-aways

The package includes a range of advanced and high-quality training on Agility WMS. We offer training modules that show you and your staff how to manage the deep technical aspects of the software. We guide you throughout the implementation process, showing you how to install and configure the warehouse management system to maximize your ROI. A team of skilled engineers developed the system reference materials to optimize your ERP system and keep your trainees engaged through the onboarding process.

WiSys has an extensive track record in helping SAP Business One run warehouses to achieve real-time inventory control through internal distribution and manufacturing systems. To learn more about how Agility WMS can optimize your existing ERP system and create more value for your customers, fill out our inquiry form online or call us today at 770-955-3550.