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WiSys customers and partners have joined us in Atlanta from November 5 – 6 for exclusive, hands-on Agility Design Studio and Form Studio training. We are excited to hear feedback from attendees! Leave a comment below and tell us what you thought of the training.

WiSys Agility Training in Atlanta

Download training flyer.

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  • Andy Smith says:

    Learning some amazing things from Enrique, Todd, and John. Great sessions and facility. Thank you Wisys!

  • Shawn Gamble says:

    The power of this tool set is remarkable.

  • David W. Virts Jr. says:

    I learned a great deal about the tools Wisys has and new ways they can be used.

  • John Slootmaker says:

    Thank you team Wisys who put a great few days together. Classes were outstanding and well prepared. Love the power of the tools. Look forward to many great things to come!

  • Joanne Palumbo says:

    Shout out to Bruce, Todd, Enrique, John, Ann and the rest of Wisys Team! This was a great format for learning and exchanging ideas. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. It is sure to pay dividends for partners and customers, alike.

  • Ann Hayner says:

    We had the greatest students at the event – I really appreciate that they gave up time from their “real” jobs to spend a couple of days learning how to take their companies and clients to the next level of excellence! It was a delight to see all of them and watch them grow.