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Food Ingredients Inc. is a food supplier based in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They have been a Macola ERP Software customer for more than 10 years. The company supplies ingredients like sugar, flour, sea salt, sweeteners, and spices to companies in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

How WiSys and Macola 10 Improve the Operations of Food Suppliers

When food supplier, Food Ingredients Inc, upgraded from Macola Progression ERP software to Macola 10, the company also implemented WiSys WMS for food suppliers.

“Having this new service read product barcodes and show us real-time data is a tremendous help in streamlining our operations even more. It also helps with overhead expenses. We can keep our labor overhead down because we don’t need as many people hand-checking orders, barcodes, and expiration dates,” explains Food Ingredients President Brad Dettman.

Food Ingredients aims to continue its growth and wants to improve how its stock is managed. Any time you are working with food, you have to deal with a shelf life. If products expire they cannot be sold. “With the WiSys integration with Macola, we are able to capture the expiration of everything coming in the door. Waste can easily be about $100,000 a year and WiSys will help us keep an eye on that,” explains Dettman.

How WiSys WMS works for food suppliers

WiSys warehouse management software directs workers to the correct pallets and products to eliminate any possibility of shipping something that has expired. WiSys can notify users about when a product is close to expiration so that they can find a customer who can use that product quickly.

WiSys Warehouse Management Software for Food Suppliers

Today, food traceability is crucial to food suppliers. Products need to be tracked and quickly located in the case of a recall. Real-time, agile Supply Chain Management solutions make this possible for food suppliers and increase the safety of our food. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.