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The following changes are effective on January 1, 2017.

Agility Named User Pricing

  • Named users are purchased progressively through each level
  • WiSys is offering Named User Pricing for the Agility Suite of Applications
  • WiSys will continue to offer Modular Pricing
  • Agility Named User Licensing and Agility Module Pricing cannot be mixed. For example, you cannot put a PES-WMS-DL or PES-SL on an Agility Named User Contract
  • Named Users can run on 3 devices concurrently

Agility Named User License includes the following Modules:

  • PES-SM, Agility Framework
  • PES-WMS-DIS, Agility Distribution WMS
  • PES-PPST-PB, Agility Pallet Management
  • PES-WMS-POP, Agility Production Order Processing POP+
  • PES-SFC-WRC, Shop Floor Execution
  • PES-PPST-PP, Agility Pick / Pack Shipping
  • PES-PPST-HP, Agility Handheld Packing
  • PES-PPST-ST, Agility Small Package Shipping (requires ShipRush Annual Lic)
  • PES-PPST-ASN, Agility Integration with Data Masons Vantage Point for ASN’s
  • PES-WMS-DL, Agility Mobile Handheld Device license
  • PES-SL, Agility Explorer Seat License
  • PES-WL, Agility Web Explorer License

PES-NU1 (per named 1 to 10 user license) max 10 at this level
PES-NU2 (per named 11 to 25 user license) max 15 at this level
PES-NU3 (per named 26 to 50 user license) max 25 at this level
PES-NU4 (per named 51+ user license)

Optional products: 

  • PES-PPST-STL, ShipRush Annual Licensing
  • PES-SDK-DIS, Agility Distribution SDK
  • PES-SDK-POP, Agility POP SDK
  • PES-SDK-SFC, Agility SFC SDK
  • PES-SDK-APS Agility Packaging SDK

Agility Web Explorer

  • Agility Web Explorer (AWE) works with Macola Progression SQL, Macola ES and Macola 10
  • AWE can be added to your existing WiSys system
  • New customers who use named user pricing will have AWE included
  • AWE can be purchased in 5-pack seats
  • AWE will be available with the release of build 566
  • AWE is a named user license because it is using Windows Authentication (like Synergy) to connect
  • AWE is not intended to do everything Agility Explorer does as a Client/Server desktop app
  • If you have used Agility Design Studio to create a Grid or Process-Grid then you can immediately transfer your knowledge and experience to the new Agility Web product

WiSys SDK Pricing

  • WiSys SDK Pricing increase; $6,000 per SDK; annual maintenance will be adjusted at the time of customer renewals
  • WiSys has continued to add to and build out our Object SDK libraries, there are 4 SDK’s: Distribution, POP, SFC and Packaging (think containers like Cartons or Pallets)
  • WiSys objects SDK’s are robust and highly scalable.  Some customers are doing upwards of 1,000,000 transactions a week with our object SDK’s.  WiSys Objects are the power behind every Agility Mobile handheld and Agility Explorer desktop app