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Chemaid Laboratories is a contract manufacturer for the cosmetic industry. Their biggest challenge when looking for an Inventory Management System was that they needed to get down to the minute level of container lot tracking. It was very important for them to have full control when putting a product out on the market, and to be able to track their products through the industries, different stores and down to their customers.

Chemaid chose to work with WiSys because we offered the best possible inventory tracking solution for them. WiSys Agility has helped Chemaid reduce the number of Macola ERP transactions from 5-6 down to 1 transaction that is done through an Agility grid. Chemaid also developed a cycle count program with WiSys which has reduced inventory errors. Their percentage of accuracy is now 99%.

“When we are dealing with planning and manufacturing, that is one of the key aspects to make sure that we have all the requirements on hand that we need so that we can hit our requested production dates with our customers.”

Down the road, Chemaid plans to implement WiSys shipping logistics for Macola to save even more man hours.

“The investment that we put into WiSys has paid us back many times over.”

Learn more about the system Chemaid built using WiSys WMS tools.