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  • Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24
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  • Monday, January 1

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Please answer as many questions as you can below to help us assist you.

Your WiSys Version can be determined from Agility Explorer by selecting Help then About from the workstation or server experiencing the issue. Please enter your versions below.

Problems Printing? Try the following.

1. Make sure the printer is powered on, all cables are connected securely and if it is a network printer, you can ping the printer’s IP address on the network.

2. Try printing a Windows Test page to the printer.

3. Try printing to the printer from Windows Notepad or Microsoft Word

4. Try printing to a different printer.

5. Try printing to the printer from another workstation or as a different user.

6. Try printing to the printer with Administrator credentials.

7. Try printing a different report or document to the printer.

8. Try printing the form to the printer from within the Crystal or Nice Label software itself.

9. Make sure that printer type is captured on the form in Crystal or Nice Label.

10. Make sure the form size is correct on the printer driver properties in Windows.

11. Make sure the orientation is correct on the printer properties in Windows.

12. Make sure the orientation is correct in Agility Document Management.

13. Make sure the form is enabled in Agility Document Management.

14. Make sure the type of document is correct (public/private) and any item/customer/type settings for the document are correct if there are any

15. Make sure the printer is defined and configured correctly in Windows on the server for the active directory user that is making the connection from the handheld (Agility Mobile printing issues only)